Running is my favourite way to connect with nature and tour around the places I visit. It is my go-to for staying mentally and physically active and motivated. I’m so fortunate to live in a beautiful place (the Yukon) that is surrounded by mountains, endless trails, and incredible motivating views. Winter running is my absolute favourite (yes, even when it’s -40C out!), and although I can cross over fairly easily from road to trail running, I will almost always be found out on the trails. I have been working with a running coach for a little while now to help me accomplish some of my big race goals. I’m so lucky to have a supportive running community in my hometown, my coach, as well as the online Endurance Tap (Team Tap) community.

I set a goal to try to run 1,700km in 2022! Follow me on Strava!

My goal races for 2022 include the Wild Horse Traverse & Reckless Raven.

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