I absolutely love running (especially trail running). I started running a few years ago (my first attempt was less than 1km), but have been seriously hooked over the last couple years and have run two marathons! For anyone living or visiting Whitehorse, I highly recommend connecting with Athletics Yukon. They run Tuesday 5k paved trail runs and Thursday trail runs every week. It is a great way to run with a group (for those bearanoid like me) and is friendly competition against yourself and others.

I set a goal to try to run 1,700km in 2019! Follow me on Strava!

Upcoming Races

Waterloo Marathon — 42km (April 28, 2019 — Waterloo, Ontario)

Reckless Raven Ultra Trail Marathon — 50 Miles/80.4 km (June 30, 2019 – Whitehorse, Yukon)

Yukon River Trail Half Marathon — 21km (August 4, 2019 – Whitehorse, Yukon)

Running Accomplishments

(August 5, 2018) Yukon River Trail Half Marathon, 21km. (Whitehorse, Yukon)

(June 16, 2018) Dempster to Dawson Marathon, 42km. (Dawson, Yukon) — Race Report

(October 28, 2017) — Horror Hill Trail Race, 25km. (Woolwich, Ontario) — Race Report

(September 8-9, 2017) —  Klondike Road Relay — Leg 6 25.6km (British Columbia/Yukon)

(July 30, 2017) — Yukon River Trail Half Marathon — 21km (Whitehorse, Yukon)

(June 17, 2017) — Dempster to Dawson Marathon — 42.2km (Dawson City, Yukon)

(April 30, 2017) — Ed Whitlock 1/2 Marathon — 21km (Waterloo, Ontario)

(April 22, 2017) ENDURrace 5k (Elmira)

(March 11,2017 ) Blitz Snowshoe Run — 10k (Banff National Park, Alberta)

(October 29, 2016) Horror Trail Race – 10k (Woolwich, Ontario)

(August 7, 2016) Yukon River Trail Half Marathon — 21km (Whitehorse)

(October 18, 2015) Oktoberfest Run — 10k (Waterloo, Ontario)

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