Keeping a Cold Running Temperature Log

A few years ago I was training for the Yukon Arctic Ultra, a race that has often been dubbed as the world’s coldest and toughest ultra marathon. I had grabbed coffee with a lady who previously completed this race and she mentioned that picking the right gear for race day was the hardest part, andContinue reading “Keeping a Cold Running Temperature Log”

Tips for Cold Weather Running

Well it is here. The days are shorter, and temperatures are plummeting real fast. While this might seem like the natural time to cozy up inside with blankets and warm hot chocolate, I can promise that those things always feel even better after a cold-weather run. I’ve only been running in cold weather for theContinue reading “Tips for Cold Weather Running”

10 Favourite Trails in the Yukon

I shared an article a while ago by Adventure Sports Network that was a top ten list of scenic hikes in the Yukon. I really enjoyed reading it because I feel that a landscape, and your personal and shared experiences on a trail, can have profound ways of influencing our feelings towards a place. ItContinue reading “10 Favourite Trails in the Yukon”

The not so Horror Hill Race

Horror Hill Trail Race Report  Location: Woolwich, Ontario Distance: 25km Date: October 28, 2017 The Horror Hill race is a fun community race, known for it’s friendly volunteers and organizers, and the scary zombies and werewolves that “attempt” to help the runners pick up their pace by chasing them through the mixed wood forest trail.Continue reading “The not so Horror Hill Race”